The Chapeltown Tramway Depot

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Re: The Chapeltown Tramway Depot

Postby mark1978 » Sun 24 Apr, 2016 9:27 am

Oh well. Many thanks for looking!
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Re: The Chapeltown Tramway Depot

Postby AlbertShoulder » Fri 24 Mar, 2017 9:53 pm

mark1978 wroteColonQuestion for anyone who has access to the Soper books (or anyone in general who's knowledgeable about this sort of thing ).

The old tram depot, in its modern day guise as Technorth, operates on two storeys: ground floor and first floor. However, it's built on sloping ground and if you walk around the side, it looks like there is a further lower ground / basement level of the building. It would be at ground level at the back, but underground at the front if you get my drift. No windows as far as I can tell, but there does appear to be an external door to this level visible in the Potternewton Lane car park.

Do any of the old plans in Soper's epic work make reference to this part of the building? Any indication of layout or use?

I don't believe there is a basement to Technorth. If you look at other Tram Depots interiors on Leodis most had inspection pits. I couldn't say if this was so at Technorth especially since trams went out before I was born. What I can say though is that the front of Technorth has had some serious modification (and some of it long before 1985 which is about when it became Technorth. If you look carefully at the brickwork you will see it and it is also cclear from photos elsewhere on this thread. The other thing is that the terrain around Tecchnorth has changed within my certain knowledge. The car park on Potternewton Lane did not exist up to around the mid 80s. There were no rear exits in the 1960s and a side door at the end opposite Lidl did not exist either. There was no pathway through from Harrogate Road to Potternewton Lane and the boundary wall was flush with the end of the building and at that end was what we as children called the Haunted (in the 1960s and 70s). The ground level in the Haunted was higher than the ground on Technorth side, but the ground at the back of Technorth was higher than it is now but you will also notice that the car park is actually built up from what it used to be (a lot of what was behind Technorth then was demolition). The children's centre alongside Technorth (and adjoining) is part of the old cleansing department - that building with the funny looking curved roof was a garage where they kept the wagons but they knocked some stuff down as well to build the new bit of Technorth/ Children's centre. I hope this information helps but most of it is from child hood memories.

Earlier in the thread someone mentions modifications in the 80s but I believe there must have been some modifications in the 1960s and as far as I remember it was always a working site - in the 60s I believe it was a warehouse (stationery products for schools and such), I also recall at the loading bay door (the main entrance for the trams) they had build a platform which was removed sometime before it became Technorth.

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